On most Thursday nights at 6:30pm we pray Compline and study the Scriptures together, occasionally other books as well. We often meet in homes, but also at Panera or the Church.



Adult Sunday School

Sundays from 9.00-9.45am in the Upstairs Classroom,

Fr. Ben teaches classes on various topics, including teaching out of the Catechism at the beginning of each year.

Holy Confession

Confessions can also be heard at any time, upon request.

Confession, or, Reconciliation, as it is also called, is a chance to confess one's sins to God in the presence of a priest, and to receive the absolution that our Lord entrusted to be ministered in his Church (John 20:23).

If you would like to learn more about confession, and how it works, here is a brief piece explaining what it is all about.